The “Made in Normandy” Lifestyle

Caux Seine Valley has just the right mix of strong industrial economic activity and exceptional heritage. Do you need to escape the stress of daily routine or simply do something a bit different? Enjoy heading off with your family or friends to discover our majestic historical sites, or sample some of our local produce or even just take a stroll through one of our enchanting forests. Caux Seine Valley has lots to offer!

For more detailed information, check the Caux Seine Tourism or the Caux Seine Agglo websites.

A rich heritage and land steeped in history

During Gallo-Roman times, Juliobona (today known as Lillebonne), was the main town of the Caleta area (today the equivalent would be the “Pays de Caux”). At the crossroads of exchanges between Lutetia (Paris) and Britannia (Great Britain), this region was to become a major location for commercial exchanges due to its strategic position along the Seine River. Learn more about the region’s identity at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Lillebonne.