Develop your activity and find the appropriate financial resources

Are you looking for finance to help develop your activity? Or perhaps you need help in working your way through the various stages of French administration? Caux Seine Development has the answer!

  • Aid, tailored to your specific requirements, in finding the appropriate available financial resources and subsidies
  • Assistance in preparing applications
  • Facilitating of contacts with our partners, who are likely to provide further financial aids or subsidies

Here are but a few examples of the types of financial aid available for your project

  • Business real estate aid (extension and construction)
  • Fund for the Service, Trade and Retail Industries (FISAC). The « FISAC » Fund is a national programme providing financial assistance to Trade SMEs and local shops. The aim of the fund is to encourage modernization of facilities, ensure their security and improve accessibility to commercial premises
  • Aid through the Normandy Development Agency (AD Normandie) (Impulsion Conseil ( business advice)| Impulsion Export | Impulsion Développement | Impulsion Innovation | Impulsion Immobilier)

What are Special Economic Zones (ZES)?

A ZES is a local action plan aimed specifically at foreign businesses

Towns implementing this plan: Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine and Petiville.

If you choose one of these towns to do business, you can benefit from modulation in your taxation for your initial five-years in business. 100% exemption on company land tax (CFE), on the Regional and Greater District levies in companies’ added value (CVAE), for the first two years of your activity, then 30% reduction for the next two years and 50% reduction in year 5.

What is the « ZAFR » (Zone d’Aide à Finalité Régionale)?

A National aid programme for certain regions.

The « ZAFR » is a national programme for businesses who choose certain towns/regions in which to set up their activity.

Towns in our region which qualify for this aid: Port-Jérôme-sur-Seine et Petiville

Choosing these towns for your business will give you access to funding for investment and job creation.

Gwenaëlle Le Bihan

« Business Support » Officer
+33 (0) 2 32 84 13 72