Caux Seine valley, crossroads of economic and tourist exchanges

Caux Seine Valley is located in the heart of Normandy and its spectacular tourist sites, ideally situated between Le Havre and Rouen. Its strategic position on the River Seine axis enables the area to combine the economic wealth of industry with an exceptional quality of life for its inhabitants, as the Caux Seine Valley actively prepares for tomorrow developing activities in the energy transition and digital fields.

At an international crossroads

20 minutes from Le Havre, 30 minutes from Rouen and 1h30 from Paris, Caux Seine Valley is at the crossroads of international economic and tourist exchanges. Caux Seine Valley is indeed permanently connected to the rest of the world as a result of its quality multimodal transportation infrastructure (A13, A28 and A29 motorways; Radicatel port (private), Bréauté Beuzeville railway station).

Caux Seine Valley in figures

  • 50 towns
  • 78 000 inhabitants, a surface area of 575 km²
  • 34 178 homes (+ 5,7 % since 2008)
  • 24 746 jobs (public, private and independent)