Seine Axis

Repossession of the Seine River as centuries pass

From textile to aeronautics, from petrochemicals and fine chemistry to logistics, world leaders such as ExxonMobil, Oril Industry, Revima and Katoen Natie have chosen Caux Seine Valley as a location for their industry using the Seine River as a vector of their development. Yet the Seine River does not just encourage industrial economic activity, it has also become a spot for tourists, with around 7.5 million passengers enjoying a Seine River cruise in 2017.

Today Caux Seine Valley is turned to the future, looking forward, centering new development around the digital and circular economies. So, what are Caux Seine Valley’s assets?

  • The largest quantity of land available along the Seine River
  • Multimodal transport platforms
  • Private jetties with direct access to the river
  • Proximity to the ports of Rouen and Le Havre

(Key Seine Valley figures, CCI, 2016))


100 % of the area connected

Caux Seine Valley fully equipped with optical fibre! Click here to check the deployment plan.

A coworking facility dedicated to innovative enterprise

Are you a startupper? An employee teleworking? Or do you have your own small business? Make the most of a shared workplace or a private office to help your business develop in the idyllic setting of Valasse Abbey.

What are the advantages & services on offer?

  • Rental with no set duration
  • An attractive price, from 25 € excl.VAT/month for a desk in a co-working space
  • Access to optical fibre
  • Prestigious conference/meeting rooms
  • Conciergerie service, a catering area
  • A 148 acres of parkland
  • Project management experts on site


Experts are available on site to assist you with any digital switch-over or dematerialization issues.

Meetings are also organized between businesses to encourage knowledge sharing and innovative projects.


Circular economy & energy transition

Winner of the 2018 Circular Economy Trophy

Caux Seine Valley was attributed the 2018 Circular Economy Trophy by the French Ministry for Ecological Transition for the initiatives and good practice shown throughout the area.

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The Circular Economy, a leverage for energy transition.

The circular economy is an economic concept, which aims to meet with the goals of sustainable development. The principle is to make products and provide services, while limiting the consumption and wastage of raw materials, water and other energy sources.

How is the circular economy good for businesses? It helps to:

  • Make savings
  • Create business and job opportunities
  • Improve industry and economic competitiveness
  • Contribute to the improvement of the environment through balanced management of resources
  • Contribute to industrial and economic innovation

Caux Seine Valley, a pioneer of the circular economy along the Seine River

Caux Seine Valley was very early in choosing to position itself as a pioneer of the circular economy along the Seine River with the implementation, as early as 1972, of the largest factory for the treatment of industrial waters in France. Since then, numerous other similar initiatives have been set in place. Resolutely determined to be forward looking, the Caux Seine Valley area has grown around projects based on energy transition and industrial and regional ecology.

Here are a few examples of our experience in this field:

  • Implementation and promotion of the Sustainable Management of Business Zones (GDZA – Gestion Durable de Zone d’Activités),
    • Objective: to encourage exchanges between companies working in the same business zones, to facilitate substitution and sharing synergies (e.g. Waste recovery creating new material and/or energy resources, optimization of logistics, vehicle, building, HR sharing, etc.).
  • Organisation of Sustainable Development Trophies as early as 2006,
    • Objective: highlight innovative methods in the field of the social responsibilities of businesses, by promoting organisations, which are leaders in this type of initiative.
  • Assistance with projects to develop local sources of energy production (installation of wind turbines, solar panels, fatal energy, etc.).

Here to serve your project

Caux Seine Development is here to listen to your specific needs, to facilitate inter business meetings and collaboration and more generally to assist your business with its development.

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